Interview: Black Excellence in Africa

It is about being aware of our individual and collective potential and working on ways to tap it to fuel societal development and change.

NAIROBI, Kenya, February 26, 2020/-- Today we welcome Bruce Olago to Kikao. Bruce is kind enough to explore his craft, Black Excellence, Gengetone Music, among other topics.

Let Kikao begin...

[Question 1] Bruce welcome to Kikao. What defines you?

I believe that only after I'm in my grave, will this question be fully answered.

As an artist(e), Innovation, self improvement and curiosity drive me to do more.

[Question 2] Your jewelry craftsmanship is impeccable. You are an entrepreneur-cum-musician. Tell us more?

Asante sana. I believe mwana wa Afrikqa, which is my jewellery venture, is a sleeping lion with some of the best jewellery designs this side of the Sahara.

My objective is to turn hobbies into careers. One at a time, beginning with jewellery because I enjoy it most and have tapped into the trade to establish a strong customer base within and outside Nairobi.

My jewellery designs are unique and of exceptional quality, all while maintaining affordability. Crazy, I know. Check us out on Instagram @mwana.wa_Afrikqa. Utapenda!!

I also draw, paint and make sculptures, both as hobbies and for a living.

I won't say much about my music for now, till I release official tracks. We'll have another interview then. Yes? Watch this space!!!

[Question 3] You talk of Black Excellence. What does it entail?

It's all about a people who have been minoritized over time, by history, taking back control; control of our environments, societies, decisions and individual emotions.

It is about being aware of our individual and collective potential and working on ways to tap it to fuel societal development and change.

It is about inspiring each other to rise above our fears, excuses and to dominate in everything we do.

It is a statement!! A story of triumph against all odds.

[Question 4] Exploring different forms of art is something you take to heart. The mastery of the Swahili language is evident in your work. Why Swahili?

I feel like Swahili makes me relate and identify with the local mwananchi, who are my core target market; jewelry and music alike.

The use of Swahili is intentional to make the products feel grounded; like they are accessible to the mwananchi.

[Question 5] Gengetone appears to be revolutionizing the Kenyan Music Industry. Will it be a mainstay or is it just hype? Give us your opinion on this new youthful genre.

The genre is boosting the Kenyan music industry's general confidence, from production to video production. Proving that anyone can make a living out of music; will also play a big part in growing the industry.

On the flip side, I do not think the genre will stand the tests of time. But, some of the artistes' careers might just last and thrive e.g. Zzero Sufuri. His music has the makings of classics. Give him time Muone!

[Question 6] As a multi-talented creative; ever thought of doing collaborations?

I have done quite a number, most within the jewellery design field.

First, some one of a kind neckpieces that I and the head designer at Kahawa Creations made out of wood and glass beads. They were the highlight of 2019 for me.

I've also worked with Kantai's and Albert's Voice Box to come up with a mens' gift package.

Quite a few on the way too. Watch this space!!

[Question 7] As we end do you have anything in the works?

Yes. I'd mentioned that mwana wa Afrikqa and Voice Box have recently collaborated on a mens' gift package, just to appreciate the human male species. Check the contents of the package on Voice Box's Instagram page. Utapenda!!

The written interview was compiled by Phineahs Munene – Co-founder of Wazo Moja for Bruce Olago – of Mwana wa Afrikqa

Distributed by Wazo Moja on behalf of Mwana wa Afrikqa


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