Interview: Psyched String Art in Africa

Why Vision is retailing at $1M is because it serves to be the first installment into bringing out the genius in everyone. This is the foundation on which I want to build my school.

NAIROBI, Kenya, January 22, 2020/-- A perfectionist with a heart of gold; that is a brief description of Victor Prince Warunge [Psyched]. We explore creatives' challenges in Africa, Purposeful Art, the Kenya National Visual Artist Association and more.

Let's give Psyched audience...

[Question 1] Who is Pysched and why String Art?

Psyched is derivative of "psyche" which is the soul/mind of the human. My reference is in line with the definition of Carl G. Jung. I am an artist and a lover of life. A passionate creative on a journey to spread mental awareness through my skills.

The creative industry is full of charcoal, pencil and painting artists. String art dates back to the 1960s and perhaps with it I plan to bring back some of the old ways through my work but with a touch of the present times. It's been lost and I'm very happy to be one of the pioneers to bring it back. I needed to stand out.

[Question 2] As a young creative conversant with challenges that your peers go through in Africa; have you found workarounds?

My main challenge was connecting with fellow creatives. It's as if a certain work comes with its personality. It's easier to connect when you have other people doing the same style of work as you do. In my case they're few and live quite a distance. With my creative family, I have found a workaround; painting. It's free flowing, it's therapeutic and I would encourage each one to try it out.

[Question 3] The level of detail in your work is astounding. Explain to us your thought process.

For the entirety of our lives, we live through the mind. If you don't take deliberate action to mould your mind, society will do it for you and live your life for you. It takes concerted effort to train your mind to see things clearly. It is with this knowledge that I took it upon myself to pick what I need most for the journey before me.

We are more than just human, we are energy, spiritual beings. Everything around us and in us is of the same fabric that this universe is made of. All one but different expressions. I believe my work is a reflection of the manner in which I look within.

[Question 4] One of your highly prized creations, ‘Vision’ is going for a whooping 1 million USD. Tell us more about this work.

With our eyes we are taken in by the world. Our perception of the world is like the cornea of the eye, it's the filter from which you sieve experiences you have in the world. Through my introspection, I have found my purpose. I see it clear as day. The school system that I went through and most of those my age have, is not substantial, it is lacking.

It is as Einstein quipped, "Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it'll live it's life believing it's stupid." Why Vision is retailing at $1M is because it serves to be the first installment into bringing out the genius in everyone. This is the foundation on which I want to build my school.

[Question 5] Your always talk of ‘Purposeful Art’. What is it all about?

Just as you can't spell Earth without art. You can't live without a purpose, otherwise your existence here on earth amounts to nothing. It's not just purposeful art but a purposeful existence. It just so happens that everything is art. It is about being sincere with oneself, embracing who we are in order that we may best serve our purposes.

It's intentional living. With the knowledge of where you ought to be, whatever life throws in your way is to prepare you for that position. Things don't just happen anymore because I have let the universe know what my intentions are.

[Question 6] You are part of the Kenya National Visual Artist Association (KNVAA). Why?

Kenya National Visual Artists Association is a family for me. It's values are what drew me to it. It's a family devoted to the artist. It wishes for the artist to embrace himself and best express that in a way that is understood by the world at large. It's a family of creatives.

[Question 7] Any plans for this year?

This year; I've been learning painting behind the scenes and I wish to inculcate that with my string art. So definitely more crazy amazing works in production. Stay tuned 😉

The written interview was compiled by Phineahs Munene – Co-founder of Wazo Moja for Victor Prince Warunge – of Psyched

Distributed by Wazo Moja on behalf of Psyched