Interview: What is the deal with Afro-Fusion?

The vibe you get when the first lyric appears in your mind, and how you channel or execute your lyrics, determines how the audience will react to it.

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 28, 2020/-- For the twentieth edition of Kikao, it is an absolute joy to welcome a multitalented artiste whose music empowers one to be the best new version of oneself. A finalist at the inaugural East Africa's Got Talent (EAGT), he touches on Afropop music, Fela Kuti, experimenting with other genres and more.

Let Kikao begin...

[Question 1] Welcome to Kikao. Who is Andalia Lone Gray?

Thank you so much, I appreciate the invitation. Andalia Lone Gray is a very passionate Performing and Recording Artiste (Vocalist, Actor(Theatre and Film), Song Writer, Rapper, Poet, Dancer, Videographer, Gymnast). A Juja resident part of Spellcast Media KE and CTBC Studios KE, in his 20s, Kenyan by birth and independent by choice.

[Question 2] The Afro-Fusion genre is taking over the African airwaves and beyond; why now?

For centuries African Music has struggled to be recognized in the global market and I'm glad things are slowly picking up.

It's happening and for me one of the best explanations is that African music is the root mother of all music in the world thus it can be listened by anyone and anywhere and you'll find an Afro Fusion element in any music you listen to, this it's appealing to a huge chunk of the world's population.

Why now?

We're now embracing our own original sound and music as opposed to dubbing foreign sound and music. In addition, technology and the internet has made it easy for us to record our music and distribute it anywhere in the world easily as opposed to when it was done orally. This has increased the market for African music which is what we call Afro Fusion.

[Question 3] Dancing to the rhythm. How do you come up with music one can dance to?

Honestly, it's purely based on inspiration. The vibe you get when the first lyric appears in your mind, and how you channel or execute your lyrics, determines how the audience will react to it.

[Question 4] A half-century later, Fela Kuti’s conscious music blend is with us. Mind sharing with us this pioneer’s contribution?

First of all Fela Kuti is a legend who I respect a lot. According to my understanding of who he was and what caliber he had, I'd say he actually paved the way for us digital era artistes by showing us how it's done through his amazing live performances, songwriting and much more. He started a hunger among Africans to dare to dream and by doing so we shall forever remember him for pioneering what we're enjoying now.

[Question 5] Is social media a good purveyor of your work?

Yes, social media is actually the main purveyor of my work.

[Question 6] Art is a Lifestyle, Art Heals. Is there more to this?

Many might argue that there's more but according to me, that's basically it. That's my simple definition of what art is to me.

[Question 7] Do you have room for experimentation with other genres and music styles?

You got the right guy.

I'm one person who believes in not limiting one self to one element when you can do as much as you want. So yes, I not only have room for experimentation, I already have experimented. I challenge myself on as many different genres as possible to bring diversity and boost my creativity.

The written interview was compiled by Phineahs Munene – Co-founder of Wazo Moja for Andalia Lone Gray – of Spellcast Media KE

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