New Calculator Shows How Much You Can Earn Per Tweet

New Calculator Shows How Much You Can Earn Per Tweet

The new online calculator tool takes 10 seconds or less to calculate what each tweet is worth and depicts the monetary value you could potentially earn per tweet

Africa is already home to some of the most popular internet stars

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, April 5, 2016/ -- Ten years after the first tweet appeared on Twitter (, a new, free online calculator tool ( allows you to see how much money you could earn for every tweet you post.

If you dream of becoming the next Dj Joe Mfalme (, Arthur Mandela ( or Ameyaw Debrah ( or would like to earn a living from being a social media influencer being paid for posting branded content to your targeted audience, this calculator will tell you how much your tweets are worth.

Created by Webfluential (, the global Influencer Marketing Platform, the calculator uses geo tracking and algorithms to assess the exact monetary value of each tweet, based primarily off the number of followers you have. The tool is freely available to all Twitter users and for those who have 500 or less followers, the tool will send tips on how to raise their influencer status.

For those serious about their influencer strategies, a more accurate estimate on your full influencer score (based on the three Webfluential metrics of reach, resonance and relevance) is available when you register as an influencer on Webfluential.

Webfluential is an online marketplace that provides social media influencers with the technology, security and credibility (for free) that they need to turn collaborating with brands and marketers into a viable income stream.

The calculator has been launched just after Webfluential announced Booked By Webfluential ( This tool is a Wordpress plugin and Media Kit builder, giving existing influencers complete control of their profiles by allowing them to accept campaign offers anywhere, anytime, from any brand, and, importantly, receive secure payment via PayPal.

“‘Booked By Webfluential’ changes the game for Influencers around the world by giving them free technology that simplifies the entire process of working with brands. Handling requests and booking work are two of the most time-intensive activities that influencers deal with. With this new plugin tool, they can finally have complete peace of mind and focus on more important things, like building their own brand,” says Murray Legg (, co-founder of Webfluential.

Kirsty Sharman (, Head Of Global Operations at Webfluential says, “When Jack Dorsey posted the first tweet in 2006, I doubt even he knew how much of an impact it would have on the world. Its influence has been hugely positive, from giving a voice to those who were previously ignored to making stars out of unknowns. The challenge with social platforms has always been finding a way to evaluate and show a return on investment in measurable ways, and the free online calculator tool ( and Booked By Webfluential( influencers to do just that.”

Sharman adds that Webfluential created the Twitter Calculator to help people understand what their ability to reach an audience is actually worth, but also to highlight that the dream of earning a living being a social media influencer isn't as farfetched as people think.

“Africa is already home to some of the most popular internet stars, but our technology gives those less-well known a chance to launch their careers. Our goal at Webfluential is to give every influencer in the world the tools to turn their passion into a full time career,” Sharman says.

With over 1000 brands searching for social stars every month, influencers simply need to create a profile on to come up in these searches, and get access to the free blog plugin or media kit.

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Biography for Murray Legg:

Murray is an entrepreneurial and commercial thinker with a track record of starting, growing and exciting technology businesses. Murray holds a Ph.D in biomedical engineering and has four years of experience as a corporate financier. While running a digital content business he co-founded, Murray realised that bloggers, or “digital influencers” would become their own media channels and could be accessed through a global digital platform. Webfluential was then started to address market demand for access to these influencers. Influencer marketing is both an art and a science, and Webfluential looks at content and analyses it statistically and mathematically to determine its impact within an audience.

Biography for Kirsty Sharman:

“Bottled lightning” ( is how one South African media outlet described Kirsty Sharman, Head of Global Operations at Webfluential. Her career as a digital marketer only began in 2012, when she ran her own recruitment campaign that went viral (, and soon after propelled her into the world of online media. Self-taught in the media landscape, she worked with top African brands to plan and execute their online media strategies before merging with Webfluential. She also heads up one of the largest networking events for women in tech in Southern Africa, Girl Geek Dinners ( She also recently released an eBook to help educate marketers around the strategy behind influencer marketing. She has just released her own eBook ‘How To Write Your First Influencer Marketing Strategy’ (

About Webfluential

Webfluential ( is a global Influencer Marketing platform which provides the smartest marketing technology for brands to connect to social influencers. The platform makes it easy for marketers to create, manage and track campaigns with credible Influencers and provides Influencers with the tools to market their services and monetise their audience. Marketers are able to search for relevant online Influencers, invite them to participate in digital campaigns and measure the results through detailed reporting. Online Influencers are able to link their blogs and/or social channels to the platform showcasing their reach, accept or decline job offers and receive payment. With thousands of Influencers signed up to the platform, Webfluential has embarked on an aggressive growth strategy globally. For more information visit: